6 questions and answers about the grip print with the Golf

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

6 Fragen und Antworten zum Griffdruck beim Golf

Do you pay attention to the golf how firm you hold the golf club? Probably not, right? Because although most golfers don't worry about it, the grip print on the golf has a significant impact on the swing and impact quality. If you now think that your grip print will fit with the Golf, we will most likely have to disappoint you. Because most beginners and amateur golfers hold their golf club too. This is exactly why we are now giving you a few tips for the optimal handle and handle print on the Golf.

Which handles are differentiated with the Golf?

Let's start with the grip of the golf club. Basically, the golf club is placed in the finger of the leading hand and stabilized from above with the palm. So you do not grab it with the palm, but with your fingers and palms. This creates a small cavity. If you now close your hand, the thumb lies on the racket and from above you will see a V between your thumb and index finger. It is important that the V shows to your right shoulder.

In practice, we now differentiate three golf handles that connect the two hands to different ways.

Baseball handle

With baseball handle, one hand is put directly on the other hand. This handle is also known as a ten-finger handle because all fingers take up the racket. It is particularly suitable for younger players who cannot spend as much strength on the ball.

Interlock handle

When interlocking or interlocking handles, the little finger of the leading hand with the index and middle finger of the other hand is intertwined. Basically, this handle is recommended for golfers with small hands and less strength.

Grip print on the Golf
It is particularly important that you learn from the start to keep the racket correctly

Overlapping handle

With this handle, the little finger of the leading hand is put on the notch between the show and middle finger of the other hand. The overlapping handle is played most frequently by golfers and is particularly suitable for players with long fingers.

Why is the grip print so important for the Golf?

Clearly, the right handle pressure on the Golf decides on the alignment of the racket surface in the meeting moment. This means that the handle has a significant impact on the trajectory of your golf ball. If you keep your golf club too weak, the ball flies away to the right. Thanks to the correct posture and pressure in the blow, you not only benefit from more reliable, but also from longer blows.

Why should you let go?

  • Let the golf club work for you
  • Give a rhythmic golf swing through
  • With sensitivity to the correct grip on the Golf

Attempts not to force the golf swing, but loosen the matter. After all, the golf club is there to put the best possible swing. So trust the racket and swing it with a slight grip print.

Golfers with a ball cap and baller glove, which has a golf club in his hand, and laughs
With every blow with a clean handle there is also a reason to laugh

You can hardly do a rhythmic swing if you clasp the golf club firmly. Because the tension on your hands and arms also automatically affects your swing.

Go to the golf club with a good feeling. Because only with a slight grip on the Golf you can feel the racket head and thus improve your accuracy.

How firmly is the best way to keep the golf club?

It is best to loosen the idea that you also achieve another blow with a firm grip. Because that is actually not the case. To optimize your blow, golf pros recommend keeping the racket with medium pressure. Since most golfers hold their racket too tightly in their hands, try to take it a little more relaxed.

How can you best practice?

  • Practice at the beginning of the chip shot
  • Then optimize chipping and pitches
  • Then with the wedges on the fairway
  • Finally hit the drives on the range

After reading the blog and decides to get to the matter more easily, you won't have the optimal handle ready. Because that simply requires exercise and try it out. We recommend that you start with a few chip shots and to test the easier handle pressure on the Golf. Try out which grip printing you feel comfortable and can achieve good results.

After the chip shots worked well, you can continue to try out the pitch strokes. Start chipping and if you are satisfied with it, continue with the pitch.

Great after you have practiced the pitch, you should first practice the wedges on the Fairway before you practice drives on the range. The more often you practice the previous steps, the better you will ultimately hit the range.

What other tips for a stable handleIs there any pressure at the Golf?

Especially when it is wet or wet outside, you like to sweat. It is best to dry your hands briefly with a towel before the blow so that you have the racket safely in your hand.

In order to have better control over your blow, a golf glove is an advantage for you. Because this gives you the right grip for the game.

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