That is why a golf glove is so important

Daniel Knoll on Jul 28, 2022

Darum ist ein Golfhandschuh so wichtig

That is why a golf glove is so important

The equipment of a golfer includes not only rackets and golf balls, but above all the right clothing. This includes both polo shirts and pants as well as golf shoes and golf gloves. The latter may not have everyone on their checklist for golf equipment. We explain to you why a golf glove for playing golf is so important and what you should consider when buying.

Why should you wear a glove at the Golf?

The golf glove is an integral part of the equipment of a golfer. But why? There are mutliple reasons for this. On the one hand, the glove offers you a much better grip and therefore also stability in the Golf. Because it prevents your golf club from turning or slipping minimally when it is off. On the other hand, it protects your hands from possible blisters by friction the golf club. This happens particularly easily if you sweat the golf or is a high humidity outside.

By the way: The golf glove is not only essential in the professional sector, but already from the beginning. Therefore, you should definitely buy one as a beginner.

Golfers with a baller golf glove at the golf swing.
A golf glove is indispensable for the right grip on the racket. Therefore, a glove should always be worn in the golf game.

Which hand does the golf glove belong on?

The golf glove is usually only worn on one hand, in the weaker hand. In the case of right -handed people, this is the left hand and the rights for left -handed people. The reason for this is that the upper hand has more racket contact and is therefore more susceptible to lose your hold.

What special properties should I pay attention to when buying?

When buying, you should consider several aspects. The grip plays a crucial role here. In addition, it should also be comfortable and durable. We are now taking a closer look at a few more points.

The glove for the right hand

There are both golf gloves for right and left-handed people. As already described briefly above, as a right -handed man you need one for the left hand and as a left -hander for the right. Since they are only sold individually, you should make sure when buying buying the right glove for the right hand.

Precise fit of the glove

Ideally, the golf glove should sit like a glove. If you should buy one for the first time, it's best to get advice in a shop and try it out beforehand. In any case, you will find the perfect fit!

Processing and material of the golf glove

When buying, pay particular attention to the quality and processing of the seams. If they are poorly processed, they can not only tear quickly, but also cause pressure points or bubbles on the hands.

With the material, you should particularly use breathable and absorbent gloves so that you don't sweat during the game.

What sizes are there?

As with clothing, there are sizes of S, M, L and XL and some intermediate sizes. You can easily measure the size of you for you. Measure the scope of the hand at the widest point directly below the hand ankles. Note when measuring that you do not close the tape to your hand.

Here (Golf gloves since 2009 - size table) If you find an overview of which size of which corresponds.

Your hand circumference is larger than XL? No problem! On the Internet you will also find gloves in oversized. Alternatively, you can also have a glove ready for you.

The right care for your golf glove

Golf gloves take advantage of the time. The lifespan of your glove depends on both the frequency of the game and the game intensity. Nevertheless, there are some tips on how to extend the durability:

  • A leather glove usually does not tolerate water. So make sure when the game is not to wet the leather golf glove. Avoid taking wet objects in your hand or wiping the sweat out of your face.
  • It is best to keep the glove flat without folding it. If it is not possible, it only folds it in half.

When should you change the glove?

As already briefly torn, a golf glove does not last forever. We have therefore summarized 3 signs of when you should exchange the glove.

  1. If your golf glove is getting dirty after a certain time, this is a first sign that you have simply used the glove for too long.
  2. Due to regular wearing and thereby sweating, it becomes firm and fragile over time. As a result, he no longer sits properly on the hand, loses grip and you should get a new one.
  3. If your glove is damaged and may even have holes, it will be the highest time to change it.
Golfer who is just hit a ball from the bunker.
Natural dirt and the active use of the golf glove influence its lifespan. It is therefore important to change the golf glove at regular intervals.

Which is the perfect golf glove for you?

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The glove consists of the finest, soft leather and feels like a second skin in the game. Because as soon as your fingers are enveloped in a chic baller golf glove, you will know what is comfortable and how real grip feels.

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