The 6 Golfschläger types at an overview

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Die 6 Golfschläger-Typen im Überblick
The driver is one of the most important rackets for long holes to achieve a sufficient length from the discount.

The driver is the longest and one of the lightest golf clubs that you can take on the square. It is particularly suitable for discounts at long distances. This is how professionals even beat over 300 meters with their driver. The driver is characterized by a voluminous racket head and a small angle of the shot. The volume can achieve high speed very well. Due to the small angle, the ball usually flies very flat and is therefore played from a tea.

Nevertheless, the Driver is a difficult to play golf club. Because a unclean blow can quickly deviate the trajectory to the right or left.

Fairwayhölzer on a flat lively track

The fairway woods are usually also referred to as "woods", "Holz 3", "Holz 5" or "Holz 7". The woods are characterized by a voluminous cutting head and a small angle of the head. However, the racket head has a little less volume compared to the driver and a slightly larger angle of the racket head. The shaft is also shorter. As a result, the ball flies a little shorter compared to the tee with the driver, but higher.

The racket head also favors that it can almost slide over short -mowed grass. Therefore, a flat swing path is particularly advantageous here and no tea is required for the discount.

Iron - the golf club for every situation

Iron are the rackets for every situation. They can be played by the tea and the floor and are used for medium -length patties between 80 and 200 meters. The iron can be divided into three categories.

  • Iron 1 to iron 4: long iron
  • Iron 5 to iron 7: medium iron
  • Iron 8 and iron 9: Short iron

Basically, you can remember: the higher the iron number, the higher and shorter the trajectory. The difference between the individual iron is about 10 meters.

By the way: For beginners there are iron with blows that are particularly forgiving.

The popular golf clubs: hybrid

Hybrids differ visually from both woods and iron and the same. While the golf club's racket head is forgiving and the racket is somewhat shorter, the hybrids can still achieve a high further. And even with a relatively low effort and speed.

Wedge: The golf club for difficult situations

Wedges are particularly characterized by a large angle of inclination of the shotle and a voluminous racket head. These favor a high arc and hurl the ball well from more complicated situations such as a bunker or an obstacle. This golf club is particularly suitable for short distances between 20 and 100 meters. Due to the high trajectory and the backspin, the ball also does not roll far after the volume.

The following wedges are distinguished from the Golf due to the increasing angle of inclination of the stroke:

  • Pitching Wedge (PW): This golf club is particularly suitable for approaching around the green.
  • GAP / APPROACH WEDGE (AW): The racket surface forms a middle ground between the pitching and sand wedge and is rarely used.
  • Sand Wedge (SW): The Sand Wedge is used primarily at short distances and sand bunkers.
  • Praise Wedge (LW): This golf club is the shortest wedge and favors a particularly steep flight curve.

Putter on the green

While you have a selection of possible golf clubs on the golf course for every situation, there is only one choice on the green for the golf ball: the putter. The putter is the slower with the slightest inclination of the striking surface. Because with this golf club, the technical requirements are comparatively low.

A golf ball on the green with a putter behind it to put it.
It is underestimated how important it is to play a suitable putter, because in order to keep the number of blows low, usually no more than twice per hole.

You can choose between different shaft lengths and designs of the racket head. Putter with a light and small racket head are called blade-putter, which with a heavy and large club head Mallet putter.

Summary overview of the golf clubs

  • Driver: The Driver is the longest and lightest golf club and is particularly suitable for long distances.
  • Fairwayhölzer: These golf clubs are characterized by a voluminous striking head and a low angle of inclination. They fly a little shorter compared to the Driver, but higher.
  • Iron: They are suitable for medium -length beats between 80 and 200 meters.
  • Hybrid: They are a mixed form between the woods and iron. Hybrids are particularly forgiving and achieve a high expansion.
  • Wedges: They are characterized by a large angle of inclination of the shotle and a voluminous rack head. So you can play short distances in a high arc.
  • Putter: This golf club is the racket for the rapid.

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