The most important information about the maturity

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Die wichtigsten Infos zur Platzreife

In order to be able to play on all golf courses as a beginner in Germany, the DGV-Platzeniproature can be obtained. This is awarded on the basis of a uniform ripening test. On the one hand, it ensures that the golfer knows the rules of the game in the Golf and that the golfer and others do not endanger itself. On the other hand, knowledge and skills are important due to the maturity of space so that there are no unnecessary delays during play. But how do you actually get the maturity? We explain to you what will expect in the courses and during the exam.

How do you get the ripple maturity of the golf?

In order to obtain the maturity, you will be given both the theoretical and the practical content of the golf game in courses in the golf schools. After the course completed, you can register for the theory and practice test. In the following we are now a little more involved in the content of the courses and exams.

The theory part of the ripening course

What content can you expect in the theory course?

In the theory course we are taught both golf rules and golf label. Through the golf rules you learn, for example, what to do when you hit the ball into the end. The golfestlets, on the other hand, bring you closer to the general behavior on the golf course and the avoidance of delays or disabilities of other players.

The courses are usually referred to the official rule books of the German Golf Association. In these you will find both all the basics summarized and a quiz to practice.

The theoretical maturity - what do I have to be able to do for the exam?

In the theory test, 30 multiple choice questions will be asked in 30 minutes. There are 15 questions about the golf rules, twelve questions about the golf labels and three general questions for playing golf. To pass the theoretical part, you may have a maximum of four errors for regular questions and two errors in labeling and general questions.

The practical part of the ripening course

What content do you learn in the practice course for the ripening of the field?

In the practical preparation course for your DGV ripening, the basics for the self-employed play and the movement sequence in the event of momentum will be conveyed to you on the one hand. However, since the latter needs a lot of practice and experience, the swing is only briefly torn down. On the other hand, in the practice course we are shown the techniques for the most important golf clubs, such as wedges, putters and iron racks.

Training lesson vs. group training

For the practical part, you have the choice between private coaching hours or group training. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. While group training is of course cheaper than private lessons at the golf-pro, you will be better cared for during private hours. Because here the trainer responds to your individual questions and problems. This is not possible for both time and for fairness reasons in group training.

In addition, the two types of course differ significantly in time. While the content is conveyed in a week or even a weekend as part of the coaching hours, group training can take one to three months depending on your exercise.

In group lessons, your individual technology cannot be dealt with in detail. The focus here is on improving your technology.

Finally, group training also serves to establish contacts among the golfers and exchange ideas. During the training lessons, everything is primarily about passing the exam. You tend to make other contacts only after the exam.

Practice for the maturity in the Golf
Both individual and group training can lead to success with golf. Here the motto is the fun of the game not to lose and constantly improve its skills.

Practice examination at the Golf

In the practical test of your DGV ripening, a total of nine holes are played, the six of which are rated. You will be given a certain number of strikes that you have to achieve. Your exam just no longer concludes with a handicap as in the past, but with PR for ripening.

To get a handicap, you have to take part in a golf tournament. But no fear! Because most golf clubs offer tournaments for beginners so that you don't need to measure yourself with professionals.

How much does it cost the Golf Golf.

The costs for the maturity are dependent on the one hand whether you choose a group training or individual lessons at the Golf-Pro, and on the other hand on your individually required time. At a glance:

  • As a rule
  • Around 50 euros per course

As a rule, eight to ten hours are sufficient with the Golf-Pro to pass the ripening exam. This requires around 50 euros per course. On top there are usually the usage fees for the golf course, balls for lessons and license fees for the theory documents. You can roughly expect total costs of around 650 euros.

If you choose group training, the costs for the trainer are shared by the number of participants. A group size of four beginners is recommended here. Here you get about a total cost of 300 euros.

The exam fees are usually included.

But where do the beginners gather without having to ride?

As a beginner, you do not spend most of the ripening course on the actual golf course, but on the so -called Driving Range. Here you have the best way to work on the basics and improve your blow. Therefore, the training takes place almost completely on the range and putting green. Since there is no need for space on the driving range, you can also practice outside of your space -ripe course and work on your blow. So you are well prepared for your space maturity test!

By the way: If you are unsure whether Golf is the right sport for you, you can first visit the range to get a first feeling for the golf.

What do you need for golf equipment?

In most space -ripening courses, golf equipment, such as rental slides and also balls, is co -fed. In the long run, it is of course worthwhile to buy your own golf equipment. However, a golf glove would be helpful from the start, because this is usually not awarded. You can easily order your perfect golf glove from us online.

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