Golfestikette - how do I behave on the golf course?

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Golfetikette – Wie verhalte ich mich auf dem Golfplatz?

The golf is characterized by numerous golf labels, because after all, all eventualities on the golf course are taken into account. However, it is not necessary for golf playing every 300 pages of the Rules to know. Because you can also look up during the game.

And we have summarized the most important golf labels here for you.

Security on the pitch

Security sometimes has the highest priority when playing golf. Because being hit by a ball with over 160 km/h is anything but pleasant. Therefore, it is due to every single player to ensure security for themselves and also for others. Here you should in any case note these three golf labels:

On the lawn with letters, the word golf label is placed, the i is represented with a tea and a golf ball
Etiquette is very important in the Golf so that a uniform game can be given
  • If the warning call "Fore" is called by a golfer, the highest caution applies. It means that danger is in default and a played ball may be able to hit a player. So what to do? Go to cover and protect your head in front of flying balls.
  • In addition, you shouldn't run around on the square without prior consultation. There are fixed ways for visitors and spectators where you can take the holes.
  • If a player takes his game position, it is important to keep your distance and stop.

Consideration for other players

Especially if a player is a discount or the preparation of the stroke, you should neither disturb nor distract them. Therefore, switch off your smartphone or silently to prevent the ring tones. Players can also distract loud noises or conversations.

In addition, you should not unsettle players in the preparation of the impact with unnecessary movements and not stand in a straight line behind the ball. On the green, you should make sure not to be too close to the puttline of your teammates.

Play pace at the Golf

Basically, there is a rapid game pace at the golf course and to keep the connection to the players in front of you. In this context, the privilege means that faster play groups have priority and that slower groups are allowed to overtake. We also have an overview of the most important golf labels.

  • You should always be ready on the green to carry out your next blow.
  • If you are finished with the putten, leave the green and write down your game result on the next discount. This is how you prevent unnecessary game delays.
  • If you are looking for your golf ball, you can have the group waiting behind you for a maximum of 3 minutes when searching the ball. It is best to just let them overtake.

What to do if the ball is lost or lost?

If your ball can be found or can no longer be found, you can play a so -called temporary ball. On the one hand, you have to announce this in advance, on the other hand you have to play it before the golfer has searched for the first ball.

If you have mistakenly played a provisional ball, the first ball can be continued without punishment.

Protection of the golf course

To leave the golf course as you found it, there are some golf labels.

Two official golf hinges and a putter, as well as teas and a golf ball are shown behind white neutral background.
With golfing there have been rules of the game for decades that must be observed in the places. These rules apply worldwide, so that every golfer has to behave equally, regardless of the place.
  • Bunkerchlag:Unevenness or footprints in the bunker must be repaired immediately after the blow. Use the bunker hard on the edge of the bunker.
  • Pitch brands:The impact of a golf ball can damage. On the green in particular, you should repair punch holes from yourself, but also from others with the pitch fork.
  • Divots:If you have knocked out a lawn when you discount, put it back in and press it tight.
  • Flagpole:Put the flagpole back into the hole so that the edge of the hole remains undamaged.

This golf label apply to the golf clubs

You can compete with a maximum of 14 thugs for a round and you are also limited to your selection during this round. If you choose less, you can increase them to 14 rackets in the course of the game. If a racket becomes unusable during a golf game, you can replace it. If you bring more than the permitted 14 rackets to the round of golf, there are two penalty strokes for each hole on which the rule was disregarded. However, there are four penalty strokes per round.

Clothing regulations for the players at the Golf

Really read - there is a dress code with the Golf. This golf disk is no longer so strict, but you should still consider a lot in choosing outfit.

  • Headgear: Especially on hot or particularly cold days, a headgear when playing golf makes sense. It should be noted here that caps and peaked caps are always worn up with the tip.
  • Oberwelding for men:Golf shirts for men must have a collar and sleeves. Otherwise, these are not permitted on the golf course. In addition, you should always wear your shirt in your pants.
  • Oberwelding for women:While collarless shirts and tops must have sleeves, sleeveless shirts and tops should have a collar. Spaghetti support tops and back -free tops are prohibited. In addition, your neckline should be appropriate.
  • Pants and shorts:In any case, you should do without Blue Jeans. Because these are not only prohibited on the golf course, but also frowned upon. If you choose shorts, at least to the knee, better still, are enough.
  • Socks:With the Golf, you should both note that your training socks end over the ankle and choose a neutral color.
  • Shoes:With sneakers or sandals, you are not allowed to play on the golf course. For this you should buy golf shoes with soft spikes or knobs.

With these most important golf labels you are definitely fit for the golf course! And if you still lack one or the other for your equipment, see here Just over with us!