Golf vacation - the 6 important questions and answers

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Golfurlaub – die 6 wichtige Fragen und Antworten

Why shouldn't you as a passionate golfer connect your next vacation with your favorite sport? Because even outside of Germany, you can of course find many beautiful, well -kept golf courses. But where are these beautiful golf courses, who offers golf free and what do I have to consider when I booked? We answer the 6 most important questions about your next golf vacation!

What makes a good golf course?

If you choose a golf free, you naturally also expect a great golf course. Therefore, we first clarify what makes a good golf course at all and what you should pay attention to when booking your trip.

On the one hand, a good golf course should have a nice and varied design, but also a good location. You can simply get an overview with Google Maps and pictures in advance. On the other hand, the space should also have a good state of care. It is best to read some reviews for this to give you an impression of it. In addition, the level of difficulty of the system is a decisive factor that you should definitely keep in mind.

Where do you find the most beautiful golf courses?

Now that we have explained what makes a good golf course, we have the 5 most beautiful travel destinations for your golf vacation.

  • Golf vacation in Mallorca: 
  • Golf vacation in Portugal: 
  • Golf free to Mauritius: 
  • Golf vacation on Dubai: 
  • Golf free to South Africa: 

How can I book a golf vacation?

The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of vacation you want at all. Which country do you want to travel to? How many nights do you want to stay? Package tour or individual vacation? Which budget do you want to output for the golf free?

After you roughly know what you want, you can either get individually advised in the travel agency or book online. Alternatively, you can also book your golf free via a golf club or per.

On the Internet you will find a variety of tour operators that offer you package offers including flight, hotel, golf course reservation and many more. Here you will even offer golf tours where you can travel an entire country and play golf in a wide variety of places.

What else should I consider when booking a golf free?

When booking your golf vacation, you should not only pay attention to the golf courses and the price, but also to the overnight stays, meals, green fees, transfer to the golf course and, if necessary, to the coaching hours for the Golf.

In any case, find out about the weather conditions on your travel destination.

In addition, other knigs in the golf clubs often also apply in other countries. It is therefore best to research online or ask your tour operator what needs to be considered when playing golf.

Golf vacation
There are beautiful golf courses all over the world. Nevertheless, it is important to find out extensively about the circumstances and the place rules at the destination before starting the golf free.

What should you pack up for your golf vacation?

Wonderful, your golf free is booked and it can start soon! Sooner or later the question arises what you should pack in the suitcase. We have a brief overview of the most important things on your packing list.

Golf clothing for your golf free

As mentioned before, you should definitely find out about the weather conditions before your trip. Depending on the weather, you should of course also pack your suitcase.

If you travel into the warm, you should think of short clothes, the right golf shoes and gloves, headgear and sun protection. For the evening, something is generally recommended to pull over it.

Should it rain more often in your holiday region, think of rainwear, rain protection for the golf bag, weather -compatible golf shoes and gloves as well as an umbrella.

It can also be windy in warm holiday regions. Therefore, pack your clothes for strong winds if necessary.

Golfbag for your golf vacation

If you fly on a golf vacation, you should check in advance how much your airline requires for the transport of your golf luggage. A great alternative to this is leisure equipment. These already offer many golf resorts and golf courses. It is best to reserve them when booking.

Travel pharmacy for golfers

You should definitely pack a few basics before your trip. We recommend packing bladder plasters, pain cakes as well as a few medication for gastrointestinal gastrointestinal and a cold.

Important: Think of mosquito protection and anti -allergic!

Which insurance is suitable for your golf free?

Basically, travel resignation and abroad travel health insurance are recommended for a vacation. The latter is recommended for you as a golfer, if you should pull an injury to golf games. In addition, you can often combine the insurance with a special insurance, with which you can use your golf equipment against theft, for example.