Lakeball vs. new golf ball

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Lakeball vs. neuen Golfball

Golfball is golf ball, isn't it? We can only answer that: not at all! Golf balls differ not only in diameter and weight, but also in the degree of hardness and spin. In addition, you can save a lot of money if you buy used golf balls, so -called lakeballs. First of all, we explain how golf balls generally differ, while we then respond to the differences between new golf balls and lakeballs.

But let's start with the differences.

What are the differences in golf balls?

According to the official golf rules, a golf ball must not be less than 42.672 mm and not lighter than 45.926 g. In addition to these golf rules, there are hardly any limits to the design. Basically, however, a distinction is made between four basic constructions of the golf ball, which we explain to you in more detail in the following.

 1-piece golf ball

The 1-piece golf ball is the simplest golf ball that is particularly suitable for beginners on the driving range. The 1-piece golf ball is both inexpensive and durable. However, the deformation has a major impact on the width of the ball. Therefore, we only recommend the 1-piece golf ball to practice on the driving range, but not for playing on the golf course.

            2-piece golf ball

The 2-piece golf ball has both a hard shell and a solid core. Therefore, like the 1-piece golf ball, it is durable and inexpensive. While you achieve a large expanse with this golf ball, you still have little control over the game. We therefore recommend the 2-piece golf ball, especially for golfers with a high to medium handicap.

            3-piece golf ball

With the 3-piece golf ball, you get significantly more spin and thus also a greater control over the trajectory. However, it is not only a little more expensive, but the softer shell is not as durable as that of the 1 or 2-piece golf balls. This golf ball is best suited for golfers with a low to medium handicap.

            4-piece golf ball

4-piece or multilayer golf balls are intended for very good golfers or professionals. They have a very soft shell and are a further development of the 3-piece golf ball. These higher -priced golf balls enable you to have a good distance with maximum control and spin.

Spin of the golf balls

Golf balls with little spin enable you to find a straightforward flight and at the same time reduce the lateral spin. It does not achieve a high expanse, but rolls more. A golf ball with little spin is suitable for you if you often play in the slice or want to get a longer blow.

A golf ball with medium spin is recommended for the majority of the golfers. Because these enable you both a good vastness and a good feeling for the game.

Golf balls with a lot of spin do not roll very far, but increase the altitude. They are particularly suitable for you if you often play a draw.

Now that we have clarified the basic properties of golf ball, we take a look at a inexpensive alternative to the new golf ball, the Lakeball.

What are lakeballs anyway?

Lakeballs are used golf balls that were played in a water obstacle at the golf course. These were fished out, cleaned and are now offered at an affordable price. Ideally, these were only played a few times and are even a high quality level. Sounds good, but you shouldn't lose sight of the disadvantage for your golf game.

The quality of the Lakeballs

A distinction is made between various quality classes on golf balls on the market, which are based on the initial quality of the ball. The following five classes are differentiated:

  • AAAA: The golf balls of the AAAA quality level are characterized by very good condition and only have minimal signs of wear. The balls are not only very easy to play, but are visually very close to new balls.
  • AAA: These lakeballs have good condition, but already have slight signs of wear, discoloration or markings.
  • AA: The golf balls with quality level AA are in an acceptable condition, but already with visible signs of wear. While the optics are still acceptable, the quality of the golf play can already suffer considerably.
  • A: These are exercise balls for private exercises or beginners. Both the optics and the game quality suffer here.
  • Cross balls: These are not suitable for the golf course, but only for games on a private reason without rules.

Advantages of Lakeballs

On the one hand, lakeballs are a cost -effective, on the other hand a sustainable alternative to new golf balls. Here you can even save up to 60 percent of the purchase price. This is particularly a good alternative for hobby golfers, beginners and low-handicap players.

Disadvantages of Lakeballs

Even if the price of the lakeballs looks very tempting, you should not ignore the disadvantage for the golf game.

Lakeballs vs. new golf balls
Balls do not fly regularly in the desired direction and especially with holes with water obstacles, this means that many balls are in the “Lake”. The lakes are regularly emptied by divers so that no masses accumulate.

If the golf ball is in the water for a long time, the wet penetrates due to the extreme layer of the ball. This permanent damage cannot be seen from the outside, but has an impact on the vastness of your discount.The flight width is reduced as follows:

  • > 8 days in the water: 5 meters reduced flight width
  • > 3 months: 10 meters reduced flight width
  • > 6 months: 13 meter reduced flight width

In summary, it can be said that Lakeballs can be a good alternative for beginners, but in the long term a better game is achieved with new golf balls.

Are you still looking for new, high quality golf balls? We believe that high quality does not necessarily have to be expensive. Sounds good? Then look in our shop over!