What is part of golf equipment for beginners?

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Was gehört zur Golfausrüstung für Einsteiger?

You have just discovered your love for the Golf? Then of course the question arises of golf equipment for beginners. What is actually part of golf equipment, what exactly do you need as a beginner in the Golf, and what should you consider? Questions about questions! We would like to give you an overview of the most important golf equipment for beginners and bring some light into the dark! So we start directly with the basics!

What belongs to golf equipment anyway?

  • Golfschläger: In addition to the question - rackets are the heart of your golf equipment. Basically, a distinction is made between wood, iron and putter. However, you must not take golf clubs unlimited to the golf course, but a maximum of 14.
  • Golfbag: You can hardly carry your golf clubs in your hand - so a bag definitely has to be used! A distinction is made between carry-bag, stand-bag and card bag.
  • Golf balls: golf balls differ both in their degree of compression and in the number of shells used. Soft golf balls have a degree of compression of 80 to 90, hard balls between 100 and 110.
    PS: Especially as a beginner, you will probably need a little more balls!
  • Pitch fork: With a pitch fork, you will improve small recesses that arise from a distance from your blow.
  • Golfball marker: Sometimes your golf ball hinders other players while golfing. Then it is your job to take the ball away. So that you know where you have to put it back afterwards, you need the golf ball marker.
  • Teas: teas are small pens that you put in the ground for serving. You put your ball on the upper end so that it is a little higher. So you can hit the ball easier.
  • Golf shoes and golf gloves: Especially if you play on the golf course, you should get golf shoes. Because the golf shoes ensure a safe stand and the basis of a successful blow. Golf gloves, on the other hand, offer you additional support when swinging and prevent bubbles on the hands.

Now that you have received an overview of the golf equipment, we now look at which golf equipment for beginners is relevant to the Golf.

Which golf clubs does a beginner need?

Let's start with the heart of your golf equipment for beginners: the golf clubs. As explained before, you can take 14 rackets to the golf course. Which you want to take with you is up to you. However, not all rackets are suitable for beginners. These golf clubs, on the other hand, make sense for you:

  • Driver: You need a driver for a long time.
  • Fairwayhölzer: With these you can master more routes both when you discount and from the fairway.
  • Iron: iron are usually used for medium distances. The Iron 3 to 9 includes the standard iron set, for you as a beginner, a set of iron 5 or 6 is recommended.
  • Hybrids: With a hybrid you can play particularly precisely because your weight is better distributed.
  • Wedges: Wedges are particularly suitable for short lengths. At the beginning, your equipment should contain both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.
  • Putter: You punch your ball with a putter.
  • Chipper: This is a combination as a wedge and putter and makes it easier for you to chip the golf.

Golf sets for beginners

In order to be able to improve the Golf constant, you should always play with the same racket. Golf sets are usually cheaper than individual rackets. Since you do not have a racket at the beginning, it makes sense to buy a set right away.

Iron for beginners in the Golf

On the one hand, you have the opportunity to buy an iron set. This consists of several iron and wedges.

Golfset as golf equipment for beginners

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to create a complete set right away. These consist of a complete racket set and contain at least one driver, wood, iron and putter, larger sets also hybrids and wedges.

You also have a suitable golf bag with a complete set.

Our tip: A half -set set of golf clubs is cheaper, but you will still need the missing rackets over time. Therefore, it is cheaper for you if you buy a complete sentence right away, because buying golf clubs individually is quite in the money.

What else do you have to consider when golf equipment for beginners?

Gulf balls also include golf equipment for beginners. For beginners, tougher golf balls are usually more suitable, also called distance balls. Since you still need quite a few balls at the beginning, your focus should be on cheap, playable balls.

Golf equipment for beginners
The 2-piece Baller Golf Crew Golfball is ideal for beginners who want to achieve long, straight strokes.

Here we recommend 2-piece golf balls. These are balls that consist of 2 layers and are therefore harder. These harder golf balls are more stable in the air and are therefore ideal for long, straight blows. In addition, you get them for a very low price.

The right golf clothing for beginners

Golf clothing is also one of the right golf equipment for beginners. Because many golf courses have a dress code. This typically consists of a polo shirt, golf pants and golf shoes.

The latter is extremely important for a good blow. Since you will also cover high distances, you should be both comfortable and comfortable and breathable and water -repellent.

The polo shirt and the golf trousers should also be breathable and, above all, stretchable so that you can move well.

It's best to get tips from your Pro or get advice about your golf equipment. So you will find the best equipment, geared towards your style of play and size.

By the way: also with Baller Golf You will find a great selection of golf equipment for beginners!