Winter golf - this is how you stay fit in winter

Daniel Knoll on Sep 13, 2022

Wintergolf – So bleibst du im Winter fit

The days get shorter again and the temperatures are lower. As beautiful as the golf season is, it is over again. Of course, for many golf lovers, the question arises where it is best to pursue golf in winter and what special features must be considered. We have the most important questions and answers for you!

What are the advantages of winter golf?

  • Practice creates masters
  • Cost -effective training on the golf course
  • Free track at Wintergolf on the square
  • Movement in the fresh air

Those who practice playing in winter are guaranteed to be ahead in spring. Because that's how you stay in training. In addition, golf games are significantly more cost -effective in winter and less is going on in the places. So you can practice your blow and improve yourself. In addition, the movement in the fresh air is good for you, especially in winter.

Where can I best train?

In winter you have different training opportunities to stay in practice. On the one hand, you can train both putting as well as pitches and chips in indoor halls or on golf simulators. Indoor is particularly advantageous when it rains or snowing outside. In addition, golf courses for advanced users are also offered with the help of golf simulators. In addition, golf centers also offer courses for beginners with whom you can even practice until your ripening.

On the other hand, you can also golf on some golf courses in Germany.

But what are winter grass at all?

In the winter months, the greens of a golf course are usually very sensitive and need special care. Therefore, golf clubs offer you the winter golf on so -called winter grass. How does a winter green differ from a summer green? A winter green is primarily a short -mowed area on the fairway with a hole insert with flag. The winter green differs on the one hand in the size of Sommergrüns. So these are significantly smaller. On the other hand, the greens differ in their grass height. While Sommergrüns are 2.5 to 4 millimeters high, Wintergrüns are 6 to 12 millimeters high.

What do I have to consider in the Golf in Wintergrüns?

When golfing on Wintergrüns, you should primarily pay attention to not entering a frozen summer green. Because this destroys the grass structure of the greens. Therefore, you should also avoid entering other frozen areas.

Trolleys are usually prohibited in winter. In places where you are allowed, we recommend that you pull in winter bikes. Alternatively, a waterproof tragbag is ideal.

The winter grasses hardly allow the putty and spin due to the shortened area, but you should still repair pitch brands and give one or two short putt.

Combine golf free - vacation and golf

Why not escape the winter and go on vacation in a warmer area? In addition, there are numerous tour operators who offer special holiday trips for golfers. You stay in great luxury hotels and at the same time you can use their beautiful golf courses. Most of them also offer courses for beginners and advanced. The perfect combination of vacation and golf games!

Now that we have shown you various options where you can pursue your golden area in winter, we still have some tips for golfing outdoors for you.

1. The right clothing in winter golf

Clearly, in winter it can be really cold and wet on the golf course. Therefore, the right clothing is essential. Just like skiing and other winter sports, you should pay attention to warm, functional and breathable clothing. Ski underwear is also ideal for winter golf outdoors.

In addition, you should buy a functional jacket and outdoor pants. Pay particular attention to the fact that it is also warming and breathable, but also wind and waterproof.

In addition, you should definitely take a warm hat and golf gloves for the winter. These are thin so that you have a good grip and at the same time have warm hands.

So last we come to your shoes. So that you are well equipped for the winter golf, you should buy winter golf shoes. These are both well lined and waterproof. Here, too, we recommend that you pay attention to breathable shoes.

Winter golf with dark green baller golf beanie.
A warm hat, like the Baller Golf Beanie, is an absolute must when golfing in winter.

2. Your golf equipment for winter golf

As mentioned before, you should either bring a trolley with winter tires or a supporting bag. In addition, colorful golf balls help you to keep an eye on them, especially with snow. It is best to pack a racket towel for your balls to clean them regularly.

In addition, normal teas are less suitable for frozen soil. There are special winter teas. You can put the small rubber cone comfortably on the floor and cut off your ball from it.

By the way: Of course you will find the perfect equipment with us!

3. keep the golf ball warm

Warm balls fly better than cold! So warm your balls best in your pocket. This is how you improve both the flight and roller properties of your ball.

4. Don't forget to warm up

Despite warm clothes, it is particularly important in winter that you plan enough time to warm up your muscles. Especially when you come with the warm car, you should warm up for a good ten to 15 minutes on the Driving Range.

With our tips you are now well equipped for the Wintergolf! We wish you lots of fun!