Baller Golf Crew Package für Golf Einsteiger
Golf Ball Golfball- Das Baller Golf Crew Package - für Golf Einsteiger, Golf Paket mit allen Golf Essentials
Golf Tee - Das Baller Golf Crew Package - für Golf Einsteiger, Golf Paket mit allen Golf Essentials
Golf Handschuh - Das Baller Golf Crew Package - für Golf Einsteiger, Golf Paket mit allen Golf Essentials

Crew package


With our Golf Crew Package with Baller Crew Balls, you are equipped with all the essentials as a Golf beginner. Because in our crew package you will not only find 60 golf balls for beginners, but also golf tees in two different lengths as well as the baller golf glove for maximum control over your game.

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product details


Crew ball: core made of silicone rubber, covered from Surlyn
Deep Comfort glove: 100% Cabretta leather
Teas: 100% bamboo


• 60 crew golf balls
• 1 deep comfort golf glove (white)
• 1 pack of teas (50 Driver & 20 Iron Tea)


Why buy a golf package?

With the Baller Packages you are perfectly equipped with all common consumables that a golfer needs. Due to the content of 60 golf balls, a golf glove and 70 golf tees, you are always equipped for the next golf rounds. In addition, when buying a package, compared to the purchase of the individual products, you also save cash.

Which golf balls for which handicap?

Nowadays, when choosing the golf ball, you should no longer pay attention to the handicap, but also to compression, spin and ball flight. Nevertheless, the handicap should not be left out. Beginners and high handicap players in particular should choose error-forgiving golf balls, while advanced and golfers with a medium handicap for golf balls should choose with a good combination of spin, length and feeling. Players with a low handicap, on the other hand, can also fall back on premium balls with urethane shell.

Why do you need a golf glove?

In any case, a golf glove is one of the must-havees for golfers. Because this definitely gives you a much better grip than without a glove. It gives you the necessary stability for the discount, especially if it is hot or moist outside. In addition, the golf glove prevents bubbles and friction on the hands. But that was not all! Because your baller golf glove is not only a functional, but also professional and noble accessory.

When do you use a golf tea?

The best golf ball for beginners

Especially for beginners and players with a high handicap, 2-piece golf balls are recommended. These are particularly durable due to their hard shell and also inexpensive. With the 2-piece golf ball, you not only achieve a large expanse or length of the discount, but also a maximum durability. But which handicap is the 2-piece golf ball for? We recommend this ball with a handicap between 54 and 36. At Baller it is in the case of the crew ball.

Sustainable and inexpensive golf

Through your bundle you save money on the one hand, because we offer all of our bundles at a discounted price. On the other hand, you also save emissions. Because you multiple shipping and also saves packaging. And we can promise one thing: With the golf you are guaranteed not to do without your golf balls, your golf glove and teas.

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