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Hand towel


Looking for the right Golf towel? Then secure your high -quality Baller Golf towel made of microfiber with simple attachment.

colour: CLASSIC
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80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide


What is a golf towel?

A golf towel is a special sports towel for golfers. These usually have a hole in the middle or on the edge of the towel to simply attach it to the golf bag and always have it at hand. As a rule, golf towels consist of an absorbing material in order to clean the racket and balls from both pollution and moisture.

What is a golf towel used for?

Your golf towel is not used to dry your hands or swipe to sweat, but to wipe your golf clubs and golf balls. The golf towel is a real must-have in every golf bag. Because it cleans your racket or ball not only from the contamination of grass and water, but also from the moisture on the racker handle. The latter is a crucial influence for grip in golf play.

How do you attach a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

Unlike most golf towels, Caddy Towels have a hole in the middle of the towel. This allows you to easily attach it to your racket. Most golf towels, on the other hand, have an eyelet on the edge of the towel. With the help of a carabiner you can attach your golf towel to the upper part of your golf bag. No matter whether with a golf towel with a hole in the middle or on the edge, you have to reach quickly during play.

The advantages of clean equipment

The golf towel helps you to clean both the golf club and the ball of dirt and moisture. A clean and dry racket not only offers you a secure handle on the racket, but also a precise impact and higher punch. Clean your racket too before you stood it back in your pocket, because you avoid dirt and mold formation. The cleaning of your golf ball is just as important. Because dirt falsifies the shape of your golf ball and have a negative impact on the trajectory.

Scratch -free and always ready

We rely on high -quality, soft and extremely absorbent microfiber for our ballers. This not only spares all surfaces and structures, but also 100 percent cared for scratch -free. In addition, the Baller golf towels have a carabiner with which you can easily attach the towel to the bag. So you always have it at hand during your game.

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