Golf Tee von Baller Golf - CLASSIC
Golf Tee Beutel - Golf Tee Tees - Golf Tee kaufen aus Bambus Holz für Driver und Eisen - CLASSIC
Golf Tee von Baller Golf auf dem Golfplatz - CLASSIC
Golf Tee von Baller Golf - Version Tropical Tees
Golf Tee von Baller Golf - Version Tropical Tees - Verpackung
Golf Tee von Baller Golf - Version Twilight Tees
Golf Tee von Baller Golf - Version Twilight Tees - Verpackung



Nothing is better than a long tee over the fairway. With our Baller Golf Tees you bring your ball into the best position for your game. In our Golf Tee Set you will find both 50 Driver teas and 20 Iron Tees.

Design: Classic
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100% bamboo


What is a golf tea?

A golf tea is a small stick, at one end a tip, at the other end there is a contact surface. The tea for the tee with the tip is inserted into the floor and placed on the storage area of ​​the golf tea of ​​the golf ball. This serves as a tool for the golf. Because by increasing the golf ball, it can be taken more precisely and continues to fly.

When do you use a golf tea?

The golf tea helps you to place the golf ball a little higher for the tee. As a result, you meet the ball and achieve longer blows. Therefore, we recommend: No discount without tea! Because here the focus is on the detail and already small quality features have a significant impact on your discount and your golf game. With our Baller Tees you put your golf ball into the best position for the perfect blow.

How high should a golf ball be on?

It is not for nothing that your Baller teas always come with a color marking of the different lengths, because the lower the golf ball is opened, the flatter the trajectory. That is why different teas are also used for drivers and iron. In order to make it easier for you to make it easier and to save you for a long time, the color differences on your baller teas help always find the right height to position the golf ball perfectly for your next blow. Basically, the driver is played with the golf ball without contact with the ground and protrudes around half over the racket head. With iron, the ball should be opened in finger width.

Ruthless golf game

As everywhere else, the golf course should be left as you found it. For this we have 3 valuable tips for you: 1. If you play your golf ball in the high arc and it comes up vertically on the green, often bumps arise, the so -called pitch marks. For a considerate game, these should always be repaired by the player with a pitch fork. 2. A sustainable golf play is important to you? U.S. as well! Therefore, you will not find a plastic tea with us, but from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo. 3. Pay attention not only to others when playing the golf, but also on yourself. Because the principle of "Stay Hydrated" applies, especially on hot days. And how could that work better than with your Baller water bottle?

Must-haves for every golfbag

Sure, as a golfer you should of course be well equipped. But what should be found in every golfbag? On the one hand, you should definitely have a pitch fork on the square. On the other hand, you don't want to miss our golf tea. Say goodbye to the messy golfbag and say hello to different colored teas that save you the long search! Last but not least, not only your equipment should be in top form, but also yourself! With the Baller drinking bottle you make sure that you always have enough liquid on the round.

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