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V-Stretch black and white

The Baller golf glove V-Stretch is a hybrid glove that consists of both Cabretta and synthetic leather. This makes the golf glove both particularly durable and weatherproof.
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product details


Synthetics conductor, Cabretta conductor, balls V-style material

Technical details:

The Baller V-Stretch material processed on the top of the V-Stretch glove ensures adaptability and perfect fit. In addition, the ventilation holes on the fingers avoid excessive hands, which leads to a comfortable wearing feeling. The material mix of synthetic and cabretta leather also creates longevity of the glove and perfect grip where it is needed.


Which hand do you wear a golf glove?

Only a glove is worn during golf. On the hand that has the most contact with the golf club. The decisive factor is whether you are right or left-handed. Right -wingers buy a glove for the left hand, left -handed one for the right hand. As a right -handed man, you get to the right to the right. This requires your left hand more grip. Of course, the same applies to left -handed people, only vice versa.

What golf glove size do I need?

Many factors, such as hand length, hand scope, hand width and scope of finger, play a role in the size of the golf glove. Therefore, your perfect glove size is very individual and cannot be reflected in general. Our glove sizes are based on the sizes of the common manufacturers. So if you wear size M, for example, you will also fit you size M. If you do not yet know your glove size, you are welcome to contact us for individual advice.

How long does a golf glove last?

A golf glove is and remains a commodity. It can be so high quality, at some point the best golf glove must be changed. When this time came, of course, also depends on how often you are on the pitch. Basically, however, you can say that you should change the golf glove at the latest when it is dirty, damaged or fragile. In any way, you always have two golf gloves in your golf bag anyway. So you play it safe and have a replacement in any case.

How do you clean a golf glove?

Why is good grip so important?

A good grip simply makes the difference. Because only a few degrees decide on a good or bad blow. Your golf glove offers you the necessary stability for the blow and prevents the golf club from slipping or turning. The better the golf glove, the more control you have about your game. The grip is a crucial factor for the quality of your golf glove. That's why you will of course find a super grip for the best game at Baller!

Best materials for best quality

Our Baller golf gloves offer you the best fit. Our V-Stretch hybrid glove consists of a mix and soft Cabretta leather and synthetic leather. The high -quality materials let the glove sit like a second skin. In addition, the excellent cap offers you the best hold.

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